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A unique

offering in private equity

Glass Buildings

About Us

Azzurra Capital is an international private equity firm with an aim to establish true partnerships with leading entrepreneurs and privately owned businesses to produce superior and sustainable returns for our investors.

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Our approach

Geographical focus

Our primary focus is Italy with an additional focus on the rest of Europe where we have top-level access to companies.

Type of investments

Majority or minority investment with corporate governance protection and perfect alignment of interests.

Capital partner

Focused on deploying capital to support growth of companies managed by leading entrepreneurs and privately owned businesses.

Strategic & Financial support

In addition to capital, we provide our invested companies with strategic and financial advice as well as access to a wide network of international contacts.

Target companies

Investing in companies with a leading position in their sector of activity and with international exposure.


Our management has a unique combination of long-standing experience in running both financial and industrial firms. 

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